Diamond State Fiber Festival

Unfortunately, the festival was not supporting itself, and we could no longer continue to pay for it out of our personal finances.  We appreciate all of the vendors, instructors and the customers who supported it in the three years we were able to hold the festival.  Perhaps in the future we will be able to hold such an event again. 

Thank you.



The Sebastian County Fairgrounds do not show up on GPS, MapQuest, or Google Maps!!!!  We have learned from attendees that if you use these, you will find yourself in the middle of nowhere!

If you are coming from Fort Smith......

Travel down Hwy. 71 south to Hwy. Spur 10 (yellow flashing caution lights), and turn left on Hwy. Spur 10.  Follow this until you reach the third stop light, which is Main Street.  Turn left on Main Street.  You will pass through two 4-way stops, keep going until you reach Joplin Street.  Turn right on Joplin, this will wind down behind the school and lead you to the entrance of the fairgrounds.

If you are coming up Hwy. 10 from Booneville or the center part of the state, you will turn right at the second stop light in Greenwood.  (The first stoplight is way out on the edge of town at Mt. Harmony Road).  Then the directions are the same.

If you must use GPS or such, plug in Greenwood High School.  The fairgrounds are located directly north of the football stadium.